Our team has created this section so you do not have to wait and learn to solve the most common problems by yourself.


1) Make sure your Wi-Fi is on and connected to your home or business network.
2) Go to your usual browser.
3) Type “What is my IP address”
4) Automatically the number of your IP address will appear.

1) Download the Control4 app.
2) Open your Control4 app and select Connect Now.
3) Select a name for your System and enter your username and password previously provided by your Control4 dealer.
4) Wait while the system links to your new device.
5) After this easy steps the app will be ready for use.

1) Download the NVMS7000 app.
2) Open your NVMS7000 app and select your region.
3) Select devices and select manual adding and enter your profile information previously provided by your System and Services dealer.
4) Select save and wait while the system is connected.
5) Enjoy your new security system in your phone.

1) Open your NVMS7000 app and select remote playback.
2) Choose one or several squares to do the playback.
3) Select the cameras, date and time.
4) The cameras will appear automatically.
5) You can move the preview from back to forward.

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