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Either is a new Mac computer, IPhone, IPad or a new Airport router. Let our company help you with those devices and teach you how use them properly. Mainly Airplay, Time Machine and Bonjour Protocols printers work together, Systems and Services, LLC can help you to set up all those devices seemly and back up your information.


Streaming video is the present and future of the Web, and is currently enjoying a huge demand from online consumers Let our company to help to set all the online stream videos services for you and teach you how take full advantages from those services.

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Surveillance cameras are the hot new law enforcement tool. Cities use them to catch red light runners and speeders. Many cities are setting up hundreds of cameras to monitor streets, federal buildings, subway stations, and other locations. Business and home owners use cameras with face recognition technology to catch theft in their stores and homes. If you have problems recovery the evidences, call us we can help you to recovery for you.


Nowadays, networking is being essential in our daily life. Wire and wireless network is being a common denominator in our routines. The issue arrives when technology changes so fast that we have no time to keep up with those changes. Our company can resolve those issues. let our company set your new router, design and implement a new network in your home or business.


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