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What our costumers say about Systems and Services

Jesse Mathew

☆☆☆☆☆, from Google


Recently, I was in dire need of security cameras + networking (CAT 5/CAT6 cabling) for my home. At first, I tried seeing if I could do the entire project on my own, but I realized I didn’t want the entire project done over 5-10+ years. Then, I did a normal google search of electricians and security camera/networking professionals in my area. I discovered that many electricians (at least around me) I called will do the camera work no problem, but don’t have a lot of experience doing the networking cables—which is annoying. So I stuck with calling security camera/networking professionals. Of all the people I called for this service, Systems and Services (I dealt directly w/ the owner JUAN) was the best in figuring what EXACTLY needed to be done to address my concerns. For example, I wanted NO BLINDSPOTS with the security cameras, and he drew on a piece of paper a rough draft idea of what would be necessary in order to achieve that. This was a far different approach from the other companies I called, so I was very impressed. The price was also very reasonable compared to the others. I wanted 4K security cameras and Cat6 networking cables w/ Cat6 outlets all through my house and that’s what I got! This entire project took 2-3 days, but I was ASTOUNDED w/ the incredible cable managing system that was setup as well along w/ the cameras & networking. I highly recommend you talk w/ JUAN & setup a meeting to discuss your networking/camera concerns—you WON’T BE let down. This guy totally knows what he’s doing because I’ve seen him run into issues/problems during the installation and w/ patience, he used his imagination and quick problem solving skills to finish the job. Everytime I have a friend over the house and when they pass by the security monitor, they just marvel at how good the setup is for a few minutes. When I plan to expand my camera system in the future, I already know for sure who I’m going to call for this!

Rev. Father Gustavo A. Falla

☆☆☆☆☆, from Facebook


An excellent job! The new sound system at St. Mary of Stamford Parish, in Connecticut, installed by Systems and Services crew, makes an amazing difference. Worshipers can expect clarity and beauty in how sounds are transmitted in our church.

William Waldman

☆☆☆☆☆, from Google


Systems and Services has consistently delivered outstanding support, installation, design services, and consultation to our Stamford, CT campus for many years. They are simply the best vendor we have found for network installation and troubleshooting, laptop and desktop configuration and repair, PBX systems, surveillance and access control systems, all types of classroom and boardroom A.V., live events, and tech staff augmentation. On time, on budget, with heroic effort and careful attention to detail for every job, with a level of quality that you would expect if you did the job yourself, if you could. We consider them a part of our staff. Thank you, Systems and Services


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